Grand Mart's reputation has been built on the variety and freshness of our fruit and vegetables, Grand Mart has become an expert in sourcing the freshest products over the past ten years, supplying handpicked fruit and vegetables, ensuring the highest quality and freshest lines for all our customers.

We also present our fresh produce from our customers' point of view. Our customers have told us they prefer buying loose produce as well as pre packed items. We have responded with vast displays of the fruit and vegetables as soon as you enter the store. The customer’s need for convenience is also addressed with specially selected, prepared products, also available in the produce area.

Grand Mart also sources a wide range of locally grown vegetables including cucumbers, tomatoes, capsicum and herbs and leaves freshly delivered on a daily basis.

At Grand Mart we know fish and are happy to fillet and clean your fish at the counter.

A lot of our fish is sourced from local waters around the UAE and Oman as well as a range of fresh seafood from around the world. Our buyers are also looking to source a range of local, sustainable fis

Grand Mart supplies meat and poultry for great taste and quality, this has a lot to do with the care that goes into raising the animals and the close working relationships we have with our suppliers.

All of our meat and poultry products on sale are quality assured, sourced from local farms and freshly imported. Our buyers are always on the lookout for suppliers who have a passion for farming and who respect the animals, ensuring the highest levels of animal welfare at all times.

Our customers can expect a variety of fresh quality assured meat and poultry every day. Our specialist butchers prepare and provide our customers with prime cuts of rib-eye steaks, sirloin steaks and rump joints. Products on sale such as burgers, sausages and kebabs are produced on a daily basis.

Our specialist butchers are trained to cut and trim meat to perfection and to our customers’ specifications.

Deli Counter You will be amazed at the variety available from the Grand Mart fresh deli counters. Choose from a wide selection including of olives, salads, Grand Mart signature mixes, and a wide range of fresh cheeses.

At Grand Mart we offer fresh daily European and Arabic breads ranging from Croissants, Manakish [arabic bread], Puff Pastries, Pizzas, Sliced Breads, Baguettes, Muffins, all kinds of cakes and specialty breads, all freshly baked everyday.